Dacia Keys

For more flexibility and peace of mind why not purchase an additional key?

Look after your keys carefully! Without them, you might face inconvenient situations such as:
- Not being able to get into your car if the doors are locked!
- Even if you manage to enter the vehicle, your immobiliser will prevent you from starting the car …

Be careful about your key batteries and check them regularly as their efficiency reduces with time and use.

We use Dacia branded parts and we are able to replace or repair your metalic keys, anti-theft bolts, ... Our experts have the equipment to configure your plip keys.

When you purchase a new Dacia we can offer you additional keys at a highly competitive prices.

You are a multi-driver family: instead of passing the keys around to one another or looking for them continously, what about buying a third one at a smart price?

You've already lost a key, don't wait until you have lost the last one before ordering a new key.

Contact your dealer.