The air conditioning ensures your comfort in your vehicle no matter what the season: temperature regulation, air purification, or demisting.  An efficient air conditioning system ensures a good journey, healthy for everybody.

Your air conditioning system is essential to your comfort and must be looked after regularly!  Be vigilant to the first signs that it is not working correctly: unpleasant odours, allergy problems, inefficient screen demisting, reduced hot and cold air flows, abnormal condensation.  Don't wait for the first symptoms to have your air conditioning checked in our workshops.  Our Dacia experts are here to advise you.

You should use your air conditioning regularly, all year round, to help to maintain its efficiency.  An annual clean of your air conditioning system will prevent it from mould and bacteria.  Replace the cabin filter every two years and recharge the gas, if you notice that it is not working well.

At Dacia we have special offers to maintain your air conditioning.  Contact our Dacia experts to find out more about these offers.