Your car’s ignition, lights, heaters and windscreen wipers are all driven by the battery. Even if it recharges when the engine is on, do not neglect your battery maintenance!

It is the heart of your vehicle, and 85% of the breakdowns are due to a defective battery.  The battery is used not only when you are driving, but also when the engine is off.  All the electronic systems of your vehicle take energy from the battery (radio, lights, navigation systems..).  Be aware of the first signs of wear: a slower ignition, a slow down in the electric equipment efficiency or the "battery" warning light might appear on your dashboard.  A battery can be affected by the winter cold and the summer heat.

We recommend you have a battery check every 2 years or 12,000 miles.  Replace your battery every 4 years or 37,000 miles.  We also recommend a check of your ignition system at the start of the Winter and Summer, and remember to also check your spark plugs every 12,000 miles.

In order to maintain your battery and ensure your safety, Dacia offers different services at competitve price.

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