In order to drive with peace of mind, you have to fully rely on your braking system.  It ensures security for you and your family.  The brakes are one of the 3 points of the "security triangle" along with the tyres and the shock absorbers.

Your security depends on your brakes, look after them!  Be mindful of the first signs of wear: a longer braking distance, vibration under your feet when braking, and in some cases, the brake pedal doesn’t respond with full efficiency, or the car can drift to the side.  To keep your brakes efficient, and ensure your family safety, have your brakes checked every 12,000 miles (or every 2 years), and change the brake fluids every 75,000 miles (or every 4 years).  Do not forget, the brake pads must be cleaned every 37,000 miles.

In town or on the road, a civil driving, sensible and economic will preserve your braking system

Dacia offers different services for your brakes at special prices.  Contact our Dacia experts to find out more about these offers.