Winter driving tips from Dacia

Driving in heavy rain

  • Been seen - used dipped headlights so others can see you
  • Anticipate - reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you to account for greater stopping distances
  • Be prepared - if your steering suddenly feels light you could be aquaplaning.  To regain grip, ease off the accelerator, do not brake and allow your speed to reduce untill you gain full control of the steering again.

Driving in fog

  • Be seen - make sure you know how to operate your front and rear fog lights before you set off
  • Be prepared - motorists whose vehicles have automatic headlight systems that are activated by low light levels should make sure that their lights are switched on manually, as they may not be triggered in foggy conditions.
  • Anticipate - if visibility is very limited, wind down your windows at junctions and crossroads to allow you to listen for approaching traffic.  If you really can not see, you should consider stopping untill it is safe to continue

Driving in snow

  • Be gentle - try to brake, steer, accelerate and change gear slowly and smoothly
  • Anticipate - you may need to leave as much as 10 times the normal recommended gap between you and the car in front.
  • Don't panic - if you do encounter a skid, steer gently into it. Do not take your hands off the steering wheel or stamp your foot on the brakes.

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