Return Excess

Excess Return

Purchase a new Dacia and you will qualify for one year’s free Excess Return worth up to £250.  

Ask your Dacia dealer to register you and provide you with a certificate.1

Excess Return provides up to £250 cash back for any excess paid2 as part of a motor insurance claim, no matter which company insures you. For example, if your excess is £350, it reduces your cost to £100.

How to Claim (24-hours)

Following an accident, you must call Dacia first3 before your motor insurer on 0330 102 8848.  

If you call your insurer first, and they handle your claim, Excess Return will not be able to reimburse your excess charges.

Reasons to call Dacia first on 0330 102 8848


  1. We’ll pay up to £250 of your motor insurance excess if you call us first.
  2. We’ll exercise your right to an accident repair at a Dacia Approved Repairer using Dacia Genuine Parts and approved repair methods.  This is not guaranteed if you call your insurer first.
  3. We’ll recover your Dacia anywhere in the UK*
  4. Give you a Courtesy car whilst yours is repaired.
  5. We’ll provide end-to-end handling of your motor claim and liaise with your insurer on your behalf.
  6. Excess Return also covers additional excess charges imposed by some insurers, typically £200, should you choose to have the reassurance of an accident repair at a Dacia approved bodyshop, not your insurer’s recommended repairer.

1 Free Excess Return is only obtainable for customers who purchase a new Dacia and who also apply for free 7 Day Insurance when purchasing a new Dacia.

2 Excludes standalone glass claims

Excess Return will only respond if you call Dacia first following an accident; your claim is managed by Dacia Accident AfterCare and your vehicle is repaired by a Dacia approved repairer.