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All-terrain ability

Beneath Duster’s rugged good looks lies a truly capable off-road car. 4x4 versions are equipped with the following features for optimum off-road performance:

Clearance Angles

High-ground clearance and wide “approach” and “departure” angles, at the front and rear of the car, enable Duster to negotiate difficult obstacles over rugged ground. Its solid structure is built to withstand the toughest terrain, yet Duster’s light weight (less than 1,300kg) and compact size make it agile when conditions demand quick reactions.

Short First Gear Ratio:

The manual 6-speed gearbox also plays its part, with a short first gear ratio helping to maintain traction over rough ground. This also helps to maintain grip when starting on a slope, negotiating steep descents or accelerating under load, such as when towing.

3-mode 4x4 system:

Developed using Nissan’s experience and expertise in 4x4 technology, a 3-mode 4x4 system enables Duster to adapt to changing driving conditions, making safer, more confident progress much easier. Each mode has specific uses and advantages.

 2WD Mode:

- Operation: Engine torque distributed to the front wheels.
- Conditions: Road surfaces with good grip and motorways.
- Advantage: Best possible fuel consumption.

Automatic Mode:

- Operation: Automatic distribution of engine torque to all four wheels to give best available grip.
- Conditions: All types of surface in all grip conditions, but particularly in slippery conditions (rain, snow, ice, mud).
- Advantage: Best balance between road-holding and traction, in all grip conditions, for maximum safety.

Lock Mode:

- Operation: Engine torque directed to all four wheels. Engine control and braking optimized for off-road usage.
- Conditions: Rough terrain and off-road tracks at low speed (< 50 mph).
-Advantage: Maximum off-road capability.

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