Spring charging solutionsNever short on battery power

At home

Plug your 100% all electric Dacia into a Mobilize home charger for safer, convenient and cheaper charging.  

Dacia Spring - charging

Order and install a charging solution

Order your Mobilize home charger when you order your new Dacia at the dealership. This means you can be ready to charge your vehicle as soon as it is delivered.


As Dacia’s approved charging partner Mobilize Power Solutions provides a compatible home charger and manages the whole installation journey. 

On the road

Find nearby charging points! When out on the road, take advantage of public charging points to charge your electric vehicle.


No time to lose? Order your DC charger (optional) to access fast charging points.

Cables and equipment

Dacia Spring - charging point

Charging point (home or public) + mode 3 cable

Dacia Spring - fast charging point

Fast public charging station + cable attached to the station

*A standard home installation is based on single phase electrics and includes:

• Installation of the charge point to wall or other permanent structure

• Surface mounted external cable clipped direct to wall surface

• The fitting and testing of electrical connections, protections, and equipment as required

• Make good all drilling and penetrations to walls

• Ensure connectivity for Smart functionality on the unit

• Customer demonstration of unit, controls and mobile application

• Transport of unit from storage to customer property along with all required installation materials

• Up to 15 metres of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the electricity supply meter or distribution board and the charging point

• Compliant to latest wiring regulations

• Plastic conduit/trunking to conceal interior wiring.

An electrical certificate will be issued to the Customer within 1 week of the installation following an internal checking and auditing process.

If applicable, installer will also claim any grant monies directly with OZEV on the Customer’s behalf.