Acceptance fee

Administration fee to be paid at the same time as the first monthly payment


Annual percentage rate (APR)

Rate of the finance deal which includes all charges


Balance to be financed

Amount to be financed (Cash Price - Deposit)


Cash price

On the Road Price


Credit facility fee

Administration fee to be paid at the same time as the last monthly payment and the Option to Purchase fee



A sum a money paid up front to reduce the amount to be financed


Excess mileage charge

Amount of money per mile to be paid when when the agreed mileage has been exceeded


Excess wear and tear charge

Additional charge for rectification work where returned vehicles do not meet acceptable standards


GAP Insurance

Guaranted Asset Protection - could cover the difference between what an insurance company will pay in the event of vehicle being stolen or written off and the outstanding balance on a finance agreement


Hire Purchase

Traditional finance agreement whereby the customer pays a deposit, fixed monthly payments over a period of 1 - 5 years. Customer takes ownership when all instalments have been paid.


Lease Hire

Fleet offer where the customer has the benefits of ownership, without ever owning the vehicle.


Mileage allowance

Total amount of miles permitted as per terms of the agreement


Monthly payments

Monthly amount paid by the customer



Manufacturer's recommended retail price


On The Road price

Cash price of the vehicle including registration fees etc


Option to purchase fee

Administration fee to be paid at the same time as the last monthly payment to take ownership title of the vehicle.


Optional Final Payment (OFP)

The OFP is the optional final payment due under a PCP agreement. It normally equates to the Guaranteed Future Value.


PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

Generic term for Dimensions (Flexible HP with a guaranted future value)


Registration fee

A charge levied by the government payable only when vehicles are registered for the first time


Dacia Dimensions

Flexible form of Hire Purchase with a guaranted future value


Total amount payable (TAP)

Cash price of the car + interest + fees


Insurance advance

Price of the insurance premium


Amount of Credit

Amount borrowed


Repayment period

Length/ term of the finance agreement


Outstanding Balance

Balance to be financed



Total loss insurance claim. Vehicle is uneconomic to repair and total loss insurance claim is to be made.


Contract Hire

Fleet offer, off-balance sheet lease agreement