Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel

What is Bi-Fuel?

Save money, reduce emissions and switch to Bi-Fuel

At Dacia, we got thinking about how we could make the driving more affordable for you. So now Logan MCV comes with a new dual-fuel petrol and LPG engine available. We call it Bi-Fuel and our technology is proven, safe, simple and economical.

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Simple, ecological and economical!

With Dacia Bi-Fuel enjoy an economical car without compromising on quality.

Dacia Duster ECO-G GPL avantages

Smart technology…

  • Unrestricted mobility
  • A smile when you pass at the petrol pump
Dacia Duster ECO-G GPL avantages

… tried and tested…

  • Factory-installed
  • Two fuel options, available everywhere
Dacia Duster ECO-G GPL avantages

... and simple!

  • Easy to refill
  • Intuitive to use

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