Dacia Jogger ExtremeDacia’s versatile family car gets an even more rugged and outdoor look.

More than just a version, a mindset

Dacia Jogger Extreme - Extended Grip

Extended Grip for even more freedom

Have you ever got into trouble in the mud or snow without a 4-wheel drive car?


Jogger Extreme gives you Extended Grip, technology for better grip on the most difficult terrain. 


With a simple press of your foot, it distributes the acceleration assigned from one wheel to the other so, whether you’re on snow, sand or mud, your tyres can grip the ground better.

A more refined and assertive look

With its splashes of Coppery Brown and topography-inspired lines, Jogger Extreme brings nature into its design, both inside and out.

Even hardier materials

Jogger Extreme - rubber mats
Rubber mats
Jogger Extreme - door sills
Door sills
Jogger Extreme - Washable MicroCloud TEP
Washable MicroCloud TEP

Jogger Extreme in detail