• Dacia has simplified the online car buying journey with the appointment of dedicated, human, Dacia Guides, initially on-call eight hours a day, five days a week. Dacia Guides are supported by a suite of new digital sales tools
  • A new stock tool gives visibility of cars available immediately and those available within several weeks. It’s joined by an easy reservation process, ‘Track & Predict’ and the Dacia Live showroom
  • Research* commissioned by the brand has found that 50 per cent of car buyers are uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing a car online for a range of reasons – all concerns Dacia can ease
  • 71 per cent of those considering buying a car online see the value in human interaction to support and assist them with the purchasing process
  • Dacia’s simple solution sees the human Dacia Guides provide comprehensive support that includes video tours of chosen Dacia models and advice on all funding options
  • Live vehicle walkarounds provide the solution to 67 per cent of consumers saying that a main concern with purchasing a vehicle online is that they cannot physically see it
  • Buyers can also purchase their vehicle fully online with finance from Mobilize Financial Services


Dacia, the brand that always champions simplicity, is applying its famed no-nonsense approach to the online car buying journey.

Research commissioned by Dacia has found that half of consumers (50 per cent) are uncomfortable with the prospect of purchasing a car online for a range of reasons including not being able to physically see a car (67 per cent) and concerns about the lack of human interaction to help with their purchase decision (37 per cent).

To combat this, the brand is introducing a range of new digital sales tools that work alongside newly appointed Dacia Guides who are contactable to support consumers with every step of their buying journey, including after purchase. Working alongside the Dacia Dealer Network, blending offline and online, car buyers can now check out a car from anywhere, including from their sofa.

The introduction of the Dacia Guides answers to the 71 per cent of consumers who see value in human interaction to support them in the online buying process and goes against the grain of the many brands who use bots over people to fulfil this role instead.

As part of the personalised service, a Dacia Guide can conduct a live virtual tour of a customer’s chosen model, answering questions from “how much can I really fit in the boot of the Jogger?” to “will my kayak fit on the modular roof bars of the Duster?”

This answers to the concerns that consumers cannot see a prospective purchase in the metal and reassures the huge 89% who believe that not being able to see a car in greater detail would put them off from purchasing it online.

One of the new digital additions is the ability to instantly view every new Dacia that is available immediately, and those available within several weeks, reserving the chosen model for only £99^. Car buyers will then receive speedy contact to discuss their individual requirements with a dedicated Dacia Guide. The car is held for three days, ensuring that they have the space to thoroughly consider their decision, pleasing the 71 per cent who worry that they would not be able to change their mind.

After answering any queries and showing the customer round the model of car that they have reserved in the Dacia Live showroom, the Dacia Guide will put them in direct contact with their chosen retailer to complete the sale or continue to buy online with finance from Mobilize Financial Services. The Dacia Guide is there to help customers determine the most suitable financial options, with a valuation tool and trade-in capability also available for those who wish to exchange their existing car without the hassle of a private sale.

The Dacia Live showroom is located at the brand’s import centre at the Royal Portbury Dock in Bristol, allowing for ultimate flexibility, with the ability to frequently display different models and trim levels for customers to see.

What’s more, a further digital tool to support customers is Dacia’s ‘Track & Predict’ which will enable buyers to track where their vehicle is in the supply chain, from factory to dealership.

On the introduction of the new digital sales tools and Dacia Guides, Xavier Martinet, Dacia’s SVP Sales, Marketing & Operations, said:

“The UK is advanced when it comes to purchasing goods online. It’s why we are introducing all our new features here first. Many British consumers have an interest in buying their next car online, with nearly half stating they would be happy to complete their buying journey without having to visit a retailer. However, it’s clear that many still have concerns. Our new tools complement the hard work of our retailers who are central to the process of blending the offline and online buying journey to meet the expectation of each of our customers.”

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, added:

“Convenience and ease are the main reasons why people shop on the web, so we want buying a Dacia online to be no different. At the same time, buying a new car represents a significant financial commitment and we know that customers want the peace-of-mind of human interaction to ensure all their questions are thoroughly answered before, during and after purchase. By combining clear visibility of available Dacia models, with a simple, low-cost reservation process and a dedicated Dacia Guide, we are giving customers a fuss-free way to get behind the wheel of their perfect car. Our no-haggle price policy means they can rest assured they are always getting the best deal and ultimate value for money. Even a test drive can be arranged, so whatever customers can do at a Dacia retailer, they can do online. We’ve made buying a new Dacia online as easy as it can be.”

The entire nationwide list of new Dacia models that are available immediately, or within several weeks, can be viewed and reserved here:


^Vehicles advertised on the Dacia website may also be advertised on third party websites and physically onsite. Our stock pages are updated on a regular basis. However, in the unlikely event that your chosen selection is no longer available, your retailer will assist you in trying to find a suitable close alternative. Renault (trading as Dacia) does not accept any liability howsoever arising in the event that your chosen vehicle is no longer available.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the vehicle equipment and specification. Please verify the full details with your Dacia Guide before placing an order.  Vehicle reserved for 72 hours (3 days) from payment of the reservation fee. Payment of the reservation fee does not constitute a contract for sale and does not mean your reservation has been accepted. Reservations are subject to acceptance by the Dacia Dealer. UK customers only. Excludes Channel Islands & Isle of Man. 18+. Full terms and conditions apply.