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The Dacia spirit

The Dacia spirit

Head off the beaten track

Dacia stands out for its unconventional spirit in the automotive world. The secret lies in our pragmatic approach. In an increasingly complex world, we keep sight on what is essential: making new cars affordable to as many people as possible.


The Dacia brand

The best car is the one that meets your needs

We start with what matters most to you: having a car over the long term that you can count on day and night. Our cars are spacious, robust and practical. They are fitted with proven, reliable technology. In short, they have everything you need, and a cool look.

At Dacia, we keep things clear and simple, so you can select and enjoy your car with peace of mind.


The Dacia brand

Affordable cars and services

Our business is to offer you the best price. Unlike other industry players, at Dacia, price is taken into consideration from the outset. From the design to the manufacturing and sale of the vehicle, we strive to optimise costs every step of the way, so that you pay only for what you need. Dacia means not having to sacrifice on the rest when you choose to buy a new vehicle.

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We are breaking the car industry rules.

Dacia range

Discover the shockingly affordable Dacia range.