Dacia Owner Services

Who better to look after your Dacia, than Dacia?


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Servicing your Dacia

Dacia - After-Sales service

Protect your investment with manufacturer servicing, by our Dacia trained technicians.

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Your MOT

Dacia - After-Sales service

Let our experts take care of your MOT.

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Explore service plans

Dacia - After-Sales service

Enjoy ‘Complete peace of mind’ with our range of Dacia service plans.

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Essential servicing (4+ years)

Dacia - After-Sales services

Value for money maintenance, designed for vehicles 4 years and older.

Essential servicing

Learn about Vehicle Health Check

Dacia - After-Sales services

A complimentary check of your car’s components by one of our qualified experts. Commonly known as VHC or eVHC.

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Dacia - After-Sales service

Make your Dacia your own with our full range of accessories.

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Additional Dacia Services

Warranty, assistance and insurance... Discover the Dacia assistance services

Driving Your Dacia

Take full advantage of your Dacia and find out more about looking after your car, as well as our accessories and multimedia