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With more than 8 million customers in 44 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean region, Dacia has established itself as the best value-for-money brand in the automotive market and intends to stay that way. With this in mind, Dacia has managed to evolve over the years to continue to meet the needs of its customers. Each of its flagship models are proven gamechangers, having shaken up the automotive market.

Dacia Brand

Dacia, a brand reborn

Dacia was founded in Romania in 1966, with a clear objective: to provide modern, reliable and affordable cars to all Romanians. Its name was taken from Dacia, the former name given by the Romans to the region now known as Romania.

But it was in 1999, when Renault acquired Dacia, that the brand began a strategic shift, without straying far from its roots. Logan marked its first success.

Logan 2004

Logan launched in 2004

A renaissance for the brand, Logan is a modern and robust family saloon that was originally designed for emerging markets at the unbeatable price of €5,000. It revolutionised the automotive market and achieved incredible commercial success, including in Western Europe, where Logan was launched in 2005.

Sandero 2008

Sandero launched in 2008

Sandero was the second major launch for the Dacia brand. It is also its best-selling model. Its generous size, practical design, versatility and affordable price tag are just a few of the qualities that make Sandero the best-selling passenger car in Europe.

Duster 2010

Duster launched in 2010

With Duster, Dacia once again broke down automotive industry norms. In addition to being the most affordable SUV, Duster offers an attractive vehicle with real off-road capabilities and outstanding versatility. Once again, the brand has enjoyed great commercial success with this model.

Dacia Jogger

Jogger Launched in 2022

With its spirit of adventure, Jogger perfectly embodies Dacia‘s brand positioning and ethos. At the crossroads of several segments, this versatile family car accommodates up to 7 passengers, taking the best from each category. It has the length of an estate car, the spaciousness and modularity of a leisure activity vehicle and the adventurous appeal of an SUV.

Dacia Spring Charging

The success continues

Today, the Dacia brand operates in 44 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean region, serving more than 8 million customers. The story continues with our latest editions, the Extreme range, with rugged and outdoor styling.

2022: the new brand identity

Renewing our promise to deliver simplicity, durability and accessibility - a new logo, new colours, and a completely updated, modern line-up to be proud of.

Dacia range

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