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Hello. We're Dacia. We do things a bit differently.

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We are breaking the car industry rules.

The history of Dacia

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Step into the Dacia history books, from our establishment in 1966 up to the present day.

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Discover what we get up to behind the scenes and with all of our fantastic partners.

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The Dacia philosophy

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We think buying and owning a car should be more straightforward. We’re making it happen.

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Take a look at some of the awards Dacia has been winning along its global rise to become a credible player in today’s car market.

Dacia and the Scouts


And we're one big family.

Take a look at some of our partnerships and join the Dacia community.

Including our proud partnership with the Scouts. 

Environmental Regulations

As regulations change, so do our cars! Discover these changes and the benefits they represent to you.


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Fuel consumption and pollutant emissions are included in the data made accessible by the WLTP protocol. 

Take a detailed look at the WLTP protocol

Vehicle emission regulations

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Blue dCI diesel or petrol engine with particulate filter: make a difference. 

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Dacia and the environment - taking action means we have to look ahead.

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