Dacia concept car

Manifesto Concept Car

Dacia concept car


Dacia is unveiling its latest concept car: Manifesto is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s values. It is an essential vehicle with a robust and eco-smart design that will have it swiftly gaining ground on all fronts.

With this concept car, we are delving further into the great outdoors, creating an easy and accessible way to enjoy the fresh air, whether for business or pleasure. 

Dacia concept car

Manifesto is a super compact and fully open SUV, so passengers can feel at one with nature. This light-weight, silent companion prioritises agility above speed. With this type of vehicle, you can easily deliver supplies to mountain retreats or check on an outdoor facility.


Manifesto will not be available for sale but it showcases all our innovations, including those already featured in some of our models and soon to be expanded to the entire range; those about to be launched; and those that explore new ideas to be uncovered in the years to come.

Through Manifesto, Dacia reaffirms its vision of an essential, cool, robust, affordable and eco-friendly vehicle.

Essential & cool

Clever and accessible solutions that fill your needs. So cool!

Robust & Outdoor

A robust, all-terrain design to take you anywhere you want to go.


Because at Dacia, eco-friendly and efficient go hand in hand.


Essential & Cool

Our cars meet your needs, without all the bells and whistles. We design economical, flexible and versatile solutions that focus on what matters most: meeting your needs. Dacia means clever, affordable and cool. 

Our innovations of today and tomorrow

Robust & Outdoor

Do you love the great outdoors? You have come to the right place. Our cars have a reputation for being practical, robust and reliable regardless of the road conditions. Do you work outdoors? Or perhaps you are simply looking to reconnect with nature. Dacia‘s new concept car is for you. 


Manifesto meets all the outdoor criteria, with its 4-wheel drive, high ground clearance, large wheels and a body that stands up to even the toughest terrain.


Inside and out. We are currently working to make our interiors—including floor mats and seat covers—more durable and easier to clean. These improvements will be featured in our cars as early as next year.

We want to come along on all your adventures, so we introduced these innovative and practical features:

Clever seat designs

Dacia concept car - seats

The seat covers can be removed and transform into a sleeping bag in one slick move. 

A multi-use roof

Dacia concept car - roof

The multi-use roof is extremely versatile. It folds out and includes adjustable roof bars, to carry all kinds of luggage, a progression of the multi-use roof bars already featured on Sandero Stepway or Jogger.

Easier cargo carrying

Dacia concept car - workbench
Loading capacity is also important to you. In addition to being easier to load, the concept car has been fitted with a winch to help you handle your gear and hold it in place. We have also designed an option to transform the rear of the concept car into a table or workbench.


At Dacia, our mission is to develop more eco-friendly models through economical and responsible design. To explore the world without leaving a trace, Manifesto has a remarkably small carbon footprint. The economical and lightweight concept car also introduces ingenious innovations such as Starkle® and the airless tyre. 

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