We know it doesn't really need saying - but do look after your keys carefully.  No one wants to get locked out of their car.  Also, make sure you check your key's batteries regularly.

We use Dacia-branded parts, and can replace or repair metallic keys, anti-theft bolts etc.  We can also configure your remote open keys.

If you buy your additional keys upfront with the car, we can give you a very competitive price.

Gen-3 Paint Protection

Next generation paint protection

Little scuffs, bird poo, tree sap - your paintwork has a lot of enemies out there.  But we've developed some seriously clever technology to keep your Dacia looking like new.  Our GEN-3 Paint Protection is essentially liquid glass paint protection and it really is a tough as nails.  Plus, it always looks freshly polished so you don't need to wax.

It doesn't stop outside - you also get interior protection for your fabric or leather for the inevitable spills.

You get a 5 year trasferable guarantee, with no need for re-application.  Environmentally friendly packaging. It's the only Dacia-approved paint protection product out there that protects you car inside and out.

Choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs (Silver and Gold come with aftercare bags).