Jogger owners who love an adventure can benefit from Dacia’s first new accessory launched as part of the InNature range. The clever new Sleep Pack turns the Jogger’s spacious interior into a bedroom for two in a matter of minutes. Going camping has never been so easy!


Sleep Pack is simple, removable and affordable. It is compatible with all Dacia Jogger trim levels and features a 220-litre storage box that can be accessed with the double bed unfolded or folded. Dacia’s ingenious thinking has once again been applied with Sleep Pack being able to be set up unassisted in less than two minutes, requiring only the removal of the third-row seats.


To keep things simple and easy, the whole pack weighs less than 50kg – making it effortless to remove – and when set-up with its generous 190cm x 130cm mattress, it still offers a surprising 60cm of headroom, limiting the chances of anything going bump in the night. In the morning, the pack can be quickly folded away before setting off on another adventure.


If even more sleeping space is needed, a smart tent is also available that can be connected to the Jogger’s open tailgate, while blackout blinds for all windows offer privacy and light control.


The Sleep Pack and other InNature accessories will be available to order at the same time as a new Dacia Jogger or can be easily added at any time separately.


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