Dacia's New Car Air Freshener Range - Available For Free At Your Local Retailer

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Capturing the Essence of Iconic UK Road Trips

Are you ready to embark on a sensory journey across the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom? Dacia has unveiled a unique range of custom air fresheners that bring the scents of Britain's most loved road trips right into your car, reimagining the classic 'new car smell' we all love.


Let's dive into the details of this aromatic adventure. #DaciaMakesScents 

The UK's Greatest Road Trips in a Bottle

From the rugged landscapes of Scotland's North Coast 500 to the enchanting Coastal Way in Wales and the prehistoric wonders of the Jurassic Coast.

Scent-sational Highlands (North Coast 500, Scotland): Experience the earthy notes of pine trees and wild raspberries, with a subtle hint of haggis in the air.
The Coastal Whiff (The Coastal Way, Wales): Enjoy the refreshing aroma of the seashore, adorned with daffodils and a faint undertone of brine.
The Jura-scent Coast (The Jurassic Coast, England): Dive into seashore scents intertwined with ancient fossils and the sweet indulgence of ice cream.
Eau de Gorge-ous (The Cheddar Gorge, England): Explore mossy rocks, thyme, geranium, and grass, with gentle hints of cheddar cheese wafting through the air.
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Dacia Scents

The Power of Scents and Memories

Brits have a deep connection with road trips, with 90% of respondents in a recent study agreeing that driving across the UK's most iconic roads is at the top of their bucket list.


Autumn, with its changing foliage, cooler weather, and fewer holidaymakers on the road, was voted the most beautiful time to explore Britain. Moreover, 94% of Brits cherish the memories of family road trips as one of life's greatest pleasures. 


Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays said: “Scents are the perfect way to encapsulate the beauty of Britain. No matter where you are, the smell of these air fresheners will instantly transport Brits to the beautiful road trip locations our nation has to offer.”


How to get your hands on a Dacia air freshener

Starting from 19th October 2023, Dacia will be offering these limited-edition car air fresheners for free at Dacia UK Retailers across the country. Don't miss your chance to transform your car into a rolling embodiment of British road trip adventures.

While stocks last. Participating Retailers only. Available from 19th October 2023. 1 per customer.


Research was conducted by 3Gem between 10th September and 12th September 2023, where 2,000 participants took part.