Dacia and the Scouts

At Dacia we’re known for our love of the great outdoors and producing robust vehicles that are made for fun and exploring. 

Dacia and the Scouts Partnership

About the partnership

We’ve partnered with the Scouts, the UK's largest youth movement, to make adventures affordable and accessible to young people throughout the UK. To make it happen, we’ve established an Outdoor Adventure Fund, which is available to any young person or volunteer who is involved in Scouting. In addition, we’ve also co-designed exciting new activities to help Scouts of all ages prepare for an adventure and reduce the environmental impact of going on one.

Dacia and the Scouts partnership

Badges and Resources

We’ve sponsored the Adventure Challenge Award Badge which requires Scouts to complete four outdoor activities, all of which represent Dacia’s outdoor spirit. To symbolise the partnership between us and the Scouts, the badge features the eye-catching Dacia logo design. To earn the badge, Scouts will need to demonstrate their skills in a range of activities that could include mountain boarding, gliding, hillwalking and traditional rafting. The activities enable Scouts to fully connect with the potential of the great outdoors, while also providing a thrilling and memorable experience.

Dacia and the Scouts Partnership

Mountain boarding will see Scouts enjoy an exhilarating combination of skateboarding, snowboarding and BMXing, testing their co-ordination and skill as they ride on a variety of challenging terrains.


Gliding proves that the sky really is the limit when it comes to Scouting, while hillwalking brings participants back to earth as they build their stamina and route planning skills while hiking around the country’s hilly and mountainous regions.


Finally, traditional rafting could see Scouts conclude their badge-earning activities by taking to the country’s lakes and rivers on a craft they’ve made themselves from wooden poles, ropes and barrels. A true test of teamwork, traditional rafting will also put Scouts’ knotting skills to the test as they work to make their craft as durable as a Dacia!

Dacia and the Scouts partnership

When they’ve earned their Adventure Challenge Award Badge,
Scouts will have enhanced their personal skills, pushed themselves to their physical limits and can rest assured they’ve fully explored the outdoors’ potential for adventure – whether on the ground, in the air or on water.


By partnering with the Scouts, Dacia is delighted to make outdoor adventures possible for a whole new generation, helping them to make lasting memories and get back to nature in every sense.