Coming to us is the only way to be sure you're getting orginal Dacia parts and Dacia-trained experts.

We're award winners!

Making our customers happy is a priority. So we were chuffed when Auto Express awarded us a silver in their Driver Power Survey for Dealer Aftersales Service Satisfaction.

We've developed some seriously clever technology to keep your Dacia looking like new.  Our GEN-3 Paint Protection is essentially liquid glass paint protection and it really is a tough as nails. This prevents dirt sticking to your vehicle and protects it for up to five years. We also protect your interior with a water-repellent formula that eliminates dirt and dampness in the passenger compartment.

You get a 5 year transferable guarantee, with no need for re-aplication.

When it's icy cold, try not to pour hot water on your windscreen.  It can crack the glass. Use your car's heater instead.  And to avoid ice in the first place, keep your windscreen covered on cold nights.

Heard of the two-pound coin rule? A chip that size could mean you need to replace your whole windscreen. But check your insurance policy, as repairs are often covered under "glass breakage".

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