GAP Insurance

Financial peace of mind if your Dacia is written off or stolen

Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance

If your vehicle is written off or stolen before you finish paying the finance on it, your car insurace payouts may not be enough to repay what you still owe and replace your vehicle with another vehicle of equivalent value. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to cover this financial gap. 

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Combined GAP Insurance

What is it?

Combined GAP Insurance has been designed to cover the 'gap' between the greater of the motor insurance settlement or the market value of the insured vehicle and either the amount you paid for the vehicle, or the finance early settlement balance payable to the finance company if the insured vehicle is not declared a total loss within the period of cover. 


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GID provide a service on behalf of Mobilize Financial Services and offer free advice on GAP Insurance.  Local call charges may apply.

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Combined GAP Insurance

Cover & Eligibility

  • Vehicles up to seven years old on inception of the policy


  • The insured vehicle must be covered by a comprehensive policy of motor insurance issued by an insurer authorised to sell insurance in the United Kingdom throughout the period of cover
  • Available for vehicles with a maximum net invoice value of up to £85,000


  • Covers up to £250 vehicle insurance excess


  • Dealer Fitted Accessories are covered up to £1500


  • Maximum Claim Limit up to the Vehicle Purchase Price

  • Provides cover for vehicles that have been written off or stolen

  • Transferable (subject to Ts & Cs)
  • Additional Drivers Covered (subject to Ts & Cs)
Combined GAP Policy wording

To qualify for Dacia Gap Insurance, you must be over 17 years of age. As with all insurance policies, there are some exclusions. A full list of exclusions/limitations can be found in the What Is Not Covered section on page 7 of the terms & conditions document.


RCI Financial Services Limited Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The insurance is underwritten by Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd and administered by AutoProtect (MBI) Limited.