Contract Hire (CH)

Contract Hire is a product for businesses or private individuals who don't want the financial risk of running their own car and van fleets, and who want to reduce the administrative load of buying, servicing and disposing of their vehicle.

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the benefits of Contract Hire

  • Road fund licence included.
  • Optional servicing, maintenance and tyre options bring all running costs into one package.
For business users
  • the reduced VAT paid by the business, as monthly vehicle payments can be offset against taxable profits*.
  • vat registered businesses are able to claim 100% of the VAT back if the vehicle is used exclusively for business*.
  • If vehicle used privately, 50% of the VAT can be reclaimed on the finance of the rental*.


*subject to status

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lease your vehicle long term

With Contract Hire, you make a fixed monthly payment and stay fully in control of your budget. You choose your annual mileage according to your driving habits and enjoy a tailor-made allowance.


Step 1 - Advanced rental. You pay the advanced rental ranging
from 3 to 12 months upfront 


Step 2 - Balance to fund. Fixed monthly rentals for the
duration of your contract


Step 3 -  At the end of your agreement you simply return the vehicle back to us (excess mileage and damage charges may apply).

dacia Contract Hire IN DETAIL

Learn all about Dacia Contract Hire 

Dacia financing body Mobilize Financial Services
Length of contract 2-5 years
Mileage up to 25k per annum
Lump sum as required
Acceptance fees none
Monthly lease payment fixed
Early termination only possible from 12 months with fees
Vehicle warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty included
Ownership option no

how to sign up

sign up for CONTRACT HIRE at the dealership

Contact your nearest dealership. Your salesperson will work with you to create
a customized solution to meet your specific needs (duration, mileage, services), so you can make an informed decision.


contract hire for your new vehicle

Contract Hire is available for new Dacia models. 

are you looking for a used Dacia vehicle?

Contract Hire is also available for used Dacia vehicles. Visit our website for Dacia used cars.


Find your Dacia used vehicle >

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