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Air-con is a real saviour - keeps you warm on chilly days and cool through our (temperamental) summer. Did you know it also purifies and demists the air? We're here to keep your air-con on top form.

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Advice & tips

Your air-con needs checking regularly to keep you breathing easy (pardon the pun). Watch out for first signs that there's something wrong like:
  • unpleasant smells
  • allergy problems
  • the screen not demisting
  • reduced flow of air and strange condensation


It's best to use your air-con regularly, all year round.  This way, it stays more efficient in between your yearly cleans.


Yearly check-ups are important to avoid any mould or bacteria that can build up.  You can also have your cabin filter replaced and gas recharged every two years if your air-con isn't working like it used to be.

Dacia air conditioning packages from £69*

Air conditioning system clean

From £69*

Air conditioning recharge

- 1 year warranty on all parts & labour**
- 1 year warranty on all parts & labour**
- Only Dacia-approved parts used
- Only Dacia-approved parts used
- Car washed & cleaned
- Car washed & cleaned

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Dacia - Air Conditioning After-Sales Service

Air conditioning made simple

Comfort, well-being, safety... Discover all of our tips and tricks for taking care of your vehicle's air conditioning.

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Dacia - After-Sales Service

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You didn't choose Dacia by accident. With us you get: Dacia trained experts, original Dacia parts with one year warranty and quality assured. SO you can drive away knowing that your car will continue to perform at its best.

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