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how often should I have a service?

All vehicles need maintenance and servicing.  Regular servicing is important to: 


  • prevent any mechanical issues and breakdown
  • ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and smoothly
  • help with your re-sale value 


You can find out online when your next scheduled service is due by simply logging into your My Dacia account. You can find the recommended service schedule and view your servicing history* in the maintenance section of My Dacia. 


Dacia Service intervals vary by model and engine type and the quickest and easiest way to ensure you book the correct service or inspection for your vehicle is to use our service booking online.

Create or login to My Dacia
Create or login to My Dacia

My Dacia provides you with support throughout the entire life of your vehicle

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Add your vehicle

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view your service interval
view your service interval

You can view your service schedule and any service history in the "maintenance" section

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*Any service history is visible to you only after the date which you took ownership of your vehicle.  You also need to be the "owner" of the vehicle as detailed on the V5 to be able to view your vehicle's service history within My Dacia.  You will not be able to see any service history prior to your ownership date or any service history of maintenance completed outside the Dacia network.  Servicing completed outside the Dacia network may result in the My Dacia service schedule not updating correctly.