All-New Dacia Sandero

All-New Dacia SanderoThe smarter supermini


Introducing the All-New Sandero

With its robust silhouette and its restyled front end, highlighted by its new Y-shaped brand signature with LED lights, the All-New Sandero reveals it's totally revamped design. Having one of the most spacious interiors in its category, with a generous boot and storage space, it adapts to your daily life, making travelling much more enjoyable. 

  • Sandero city car front end
  • Sandero city car exterior profile
  • Sandero city car rear exterior
  • Interior - Sandero
  • Interior - Sandero

“The Sandero is comfortable, good to drive, well equipped and very spacious... It’s an absolute bargain and an outstanding achievement.”

What Car?

Dacia Duster awards

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Sandero impresses at first glance

Discover what it takes to get awarded What Car? Car of the Year.

An easy and comfortable on-board experience

Sandero comfortable city car

Comfort & Convenience

Enjoy a truly comfortable journey

Ready to hit the road? Unlock your car and enjoy an effortless start using the hands-free card. Climb inside and be surrounded by modern equipment, carefully designed for convenience: new power-assisted steering, driver’s seat steering wheel adjustments and a new dashboard design that brings all of your Sandero‘s main controls together in the same place. Everything is within reach.


The automatic air conditioning system lets you manage the temperature and enjoy optimum thermal comfort during your trip. Getting dark? No problem. Sandero’s LED headlights switch on automatically and provide improved visibility, day and night.

Driver-assistance systems - Sandero

Driver-assistance systems and safety

Everything is there for you

Whether you are driving about town or on the open road, relax in the Dacia Sandero with its modern equipment, designed so you can travel with complete peace of mind: 


  • Active emergency braking system (AEBS)
  • E-call (automatic emergency call)
  • Front and rear parking distance control and reversing camera
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Cruise control-speed limiter
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Automatic window wiper
  • Keyless Entry
  • 8" Media Systerm (Comfort Version)
Sandero multimedia system


Contemporary technology

With the new Media Control System with radio and integrated Bluetooth® phone connection, you can control your audio system from the steering wheel and access your favourite navigation system easily from your phone. For an even easier on-board experience, you can also connect to and display the radio interface on your phone’s screen via the Dacia Media Control app.

Efficient engines

A winning combination. Control your consumption and reduce your maintenance budget with our engines that are designed fit your daily routine.

Sandero ECO-G - LPG

TCe 100 Bi-Fuel

Bi-Fuel: the wise choice for your Dacia!


The All-New Sandero is now available with the Dacia petrol and LPG Bi-Fuel engine. Integrated during the vehicle’s manufacture, this tried-and-tested, easy-to-use, affordable and economical solution helps you save on fuel and reduce your CO2 emissions and that’s not all! With its turbo and 100 hp, your Bi-Fuel engine combines savings with pleasure.

Discover Bi-Fuel
With it's petrol engines fitted with a particle filter and meeting the new Euro6 standards, the All-New Sandero combines driving comfort with a greater respect for the environment.

TCe 90

Truly versatile


Available with a manual gearbox, this latest-generation 3-cylinder 90 hp turbo engine allows you to control your fuel consumption and limit your CO2 emissions, whilst also enjoying real driving pleasure. With its timing chain, you can save even more and reduce your daily maintenance budget. Smart.

TCe 90 Automatic

Driving comfort 


Enjoy a smooth and pleasant driving experience. Equipped with our new-generation CVT 2-pedal automatic gearbox, this 3-cylinder 90 hp turbo engine ensures a smooth start, flexible acceleration and gear change with no “springy” effect.  Relax.

SCe 65



Available with a manual gearbox, this modern and fuel-efficient 3-cylinder 65 hp engine is designed to optimise your trips about town on board the All-New Sandero. Its timing chain also helps you limit maintenance costs. It proves itself to be a constant ally for your daily needs.

Optimum dimensions

Sandero front-end dimensions
Sandero side dimensions
Sandero rear dimensions

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