Dacia Bi-Fuel: the LPG-petrol vehicle by Dacia

Looking to reduce running costs without the compromise? Look no further than our petrol and LPG Bi-Fuel vehicles! Affordable, easy to operate, and in line with the highest quality standards, our Dacia Bi-Fuel technology has it all.

Dacia Bi-Fuel at a glance

Dacia ECO-G - fuel savings of 40%

+40% fuel cost savings*

Dacia ECO-G - better performance versus petrol

+10% performance***

Dacia ECO-G - better driving range

+60% driving range**

Dacia ECO-G - reduced emissions versus petrol

-11% CO2 emissions (compared to petrol)

* LPG fuel is cheaper, with an average price of £0.6/L. In terms of consumption, our Bi-fuel technology provides fuel cost savings of more than 40% compared to petrol.


** Bi-Fuel models have larger fuel tanks.  All-New Sandero/Stepway 50L/ 40L filling capacity + 50L petrol and 84L on Duster (34 LPG +50L Petrol) versus just one 50L tank for a petrol version.


*** LPG engine: 100 bhp versus 90 bhp petrol engine. Additionally, Bi-Fuel has greater torque at 170 Nm/2,000 rpm vs Petrol engine: 160 Nm/2,700 rpm.

What is Bi-Fuel?

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Our Bi-Fuel technology in detail

Bi-Fuel is the name for our engines running on petrol and LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas). A combination of propane and butane, LPG is added to an existing petrol engine by integrating an injection system. It needs its own dedicated tank (without reducing the boot volume) that is pressure-resistant and specially built to store the liquid, and a slight modification to the engine’s fuel lines. This operation is done directly in our factories.


With over 10 years of activity on the LPG market, we offer you a comprehensive range of vehicles equipped with a bi-fuel engine. With one in three vehicles sold in 2019, it’s no surprise that Dacia ranks no. 1 in Europe in LPG engines!

How does it work?


It’s simple! The switchover from petrol to LPG, and vice versa, can be done either manually or automatically (when the LPG tank is empty). A dedicated gauge helps you monitor the LPG tank level and displays the remaining driving range. And there’s icing on the cake... Filling the tank is both quick and easy. It takes just 2 minutes!

The advantages of an Dacia LPG vehicle: Bi-Fuel

Dacia ECO-G - advantages

Technology that is economical...

Dacia LPG engines are affordable and free of unnecessary extras. Take advantage of a competitive price, without compromising on technology, and enjoy increased fuel savings. 

Dacia ECO-G - advantages


Benefit from the original conversion and the same manufacturer’s warranty as for the other engines in the range.

Dacia ECO-G - advantages

... and easy to use!

Filling your LPG tank is as easy as filling your fuel tank. With the flick of a switch, you can alternate between combustion and LPG!

Have you found your match?

Our LPG vehicles are similar to the equivalent petrol versions.

However, they allow you to benefit from a Bi-Fuel system by simply integrating an LPG tank (located in place of the spare wheel) and various associated components (safety valve, supply hose, LPG gauge, etc.).
These components do not reduce the available interior space or boot volume.
Offered at an ultra-competitive price, the Bi-fuel range, therefore, allows you to make savings by using LPG, which is cheaper than petrol per litre.

Dacia Duster Bi-fuel

Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel SUV

Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel is a compact SUV with a classy design, suited both for the city and off-road.

Dacia Sandero Stepway Bi-fuel

Dacia All-New Sandero Bi-Fuel city car

Dacia All-New Sandero Bi-Fuel is a city car full of character, with an assertive crossover look. Versatile, it is suitable for both everyday urban journeys and road driving.