A safe Bi-Fuel engine

Reliability, safety, trust, peace of mind, and more. Our Bi-Fuel engines are designed to meet your expectations. We keep our promises to make your life easier!

Dacia Bi-Fuel: an engine that is 100% reliable

Enjoy a factory fitted, warranty backed LPG installation

Enjoy a factory fitted, warranty backed LPG installation

Our LPG vehicles are converted directly in our assembly plants. Our goal? To enable you to place an order easily and without further delay, with a single contact person for the warranty and maintenance of your vehicle. Done quickly... Done right!

Enjoy Dacia quality

Enjoy Dacia quality

We thought of everything to make your daily life easier! From the start, our petrol engine was designed to run on LPG as well. To ensure your safety, the system includes a non-return valve, an 80% stop-fill device, excess flow valve, solenoid valve and pressure safety valve. With the flick of a switch, you can change fuel types at any time. 


What is the Dacia advantage? Our LPG tank is six times more resilient than any other LPG tank on the market, and all without cutting into your boot space.

Relax, the Dacia warranty has you covered

Relax, the Dacia warranty has you covered

Your peace of mind is important to us! We trust our LPG technology, and we want you to trust it too. That’s why we are offering you a vehicle warranty for 3 years or 60,000 miles (whichever is sooner), just like for all vehicles in our range. 

Dacia Bi-Fuel has guts!

 Dacia ECO-G - LPG vehicle technical diagram

The specific elements of our LPG engine

  1. Filler holes
  2. LPG tank
  3. Pressure safety valve
  4. LPG fuel line
  5. LPG switch/gauge
  6. Pressure reducer
  7. Wiring harness
  8. LPG injection
  9. Petrol injection
  10. LPG ECU
  11. Petrol ECU

Even greater performance with the Dacia Bi-Fuel engine

10% additional power

Our Bi-fuel engine is available across the range and offers 100 bhp versus the same petrol engine without the Bi-Fuel technology at 90 bhp. What’s more, the Bi-fuel engine features an impressive torque figure of 170nm giving you plenty of pulling power when needed.

 Dacia ECO-G - an efficient LPG engine

Additional advantages of Dacia Bi-fuel engine

 Dacia ECO-G - Economical technology

Affordable technology

 Dacia ECO-G - Simple technology

Simple technology

Ready to make the leap? Discover the Dacia Bi-Fuel range

Dacia Duster Bi-fuel

The Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel SUV

Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel is a compact SUV with a classy design, suited both for the city and off-road.

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Bi-fuel

Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel city car

Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel is a city car full of character, with an assertive crossover look. Versatile, it is suitable for both everyday urban journeys and road driving.

Discover Sandero Stepway Bi-Fuel
Logan MCV Stepway Bi-fuel

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway Bi-Fuel wagon

The Logan MCV Stepway in LPG/petrol version is a wagon designed for long journeys with your family or friends. Equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic interior, it offers 5 real seats as well as a range of practical equipment for everyday use.

Discover Logan MCV Stepway Bi-Fuel