A simple Bi-Fuel engine

Keep it simple! Our petrol and LPG Bi-Fuel solution is easy to use for everyday driving without restrictions. 

Dacia Bi-Fuel: a simple engine, free of restrictions

Easy to operate

Easy to operate

Using our LPG technology is as easy as it gets! Switching from petrol to LPG can be done manually, using the switch provided, or automatically, when one of the two tanks is empty. A dedicated gauge helps you monitor the LPG tank level. What about refuelling? It's quick and easy, and takes only 2 minutes. 


An extensive driving range

An extensive driving range

Our LPG vehicles are equipped with two different tanks: one for petrol and one for LPG. When both tanks are full, you enjoy a combined driving range of over 800 miles. More than enough to get you to where you need to be!

Limitless mobility

Limitless mobility

Like all LPG vehicles, Dacia Bi-Fuel vehicles allow you to drive freely, without traffic restrictions or pollution alerts. What's more, thanks to the safety features built into the system, you can access all underground car parks.

How to fill up your Dacia Bi-Fuel tank

 Dacia ECO-G - filling up your LPG tank

Fill up your LPG tank in just 2 minutes!

  • 1 - Open the fuel valve cap, just like with a petrol tank; 
  • 2 - Screw the LPG UK specific adapter into the fuel valve;
  • 3 - Insert the LPG pump nozzle over the adapter valve and push in gently;
  • 4 - Lock the nozzle into place;
  • 5 - Push the button on the pump to start refuelling. It will stop automatically; 
  • 6 - Unlock the nozzle, remove from the fuel valve and unscrew the adapter;
  • 7 - Close the cap.


Stop the clock!

Additional advantages of Dacia Bi-Fuel

 Dacia ECO-G - Economical technology

Affordable technology

 Dacia ECO-G - Reliable technology

Reliable technology

Ready to make the leap? Discover the Dacia Bi-Fuel range

Dacia Duster Bi-fuel

The Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel SUV

Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel is a compact SUV with a classy design, suited both for the city and off-road.

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Bi-fuel

Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel city car

Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel is a city car full of character, with an assertive crossover look. Versatile, it is suitable for both everyday urban journeys and road driving.

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Logan MCV Stepway Bi-fuel

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway Bi-Fuel wagon

The Logan MCV Stepway in LPG/petrol version is a wagon designed for long journeys with your family or friends. Equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic interior, it offers 5 real seats as well as a range of practical equipment for everyday use.

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